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These are just some basic rules. All decisions are up to the head judge, and the head judge will have final say in any other decisions and/or grey areas.


Wattage will be determined by the 4 ohm rating of the amplifier.

This will be accomplished by dividing down to the 4 ohm rating.

Example: if an amplifier is rated at 1800 watts rms @ 1ohm then we devide that by half to acheive 900 watts at 2 ohm. Then devide by half again to acheive 450 watts at 4ohm. So the classification of this amplifier would be 450 watts.

You can roll down window, open doors, whatever.

The mic is normally placed in the passanger/driver's side kickpanel, or on the dash. The mic will not be placed anywhere that might cause damage to it.

Only one person allowed in the vehicle while competing.

Engine idle is limited to 2000 RPMs. Each competitor will get one sweep and two run each addititional run will be $5. Once placed in class you will not be moved and only one person in the vehicle will competing. No Exceptions




Beginner ,Pro & Expert


Trunk Classes Amateur & Pro [unlimited watts]


Amateur 0-600 Watts

Amateur 601+ Watts


Pro 0-400 Watts 

Pro 401-1000 Watts 

Pro 1001+ Watts

Extreme Class 16+ Volts [unlimited watts]

Hertz Class 30-40 [unlimited watts]

Hertz Class 41-50 [unlimited watts]

Hertz Class 51-60 [unlimited watts]

Amateur:  One additional battery or One 2 farad of capacitor.

No walls

No more than 14.5 volts

No more than 2 amplifiers

All Installers And Shop Owners Will Be In Pro Class.

All others will be placed in pro


Trophies for 1st & 2nd place in each class trophies for Highest SPL & Best Install.